Building your business while still having a full time job

With Josh Linderman, Josh Linderman

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Want to create your own thing but you’re not ready to just jump in it? You’re right! It’s important to prepare your exit carefully before just quitting everything without a plan. In this episode Josh gives us his top tips to build your business without having to quit your job.

How to get your products in all the major retailers

With Fern Summers, Firely CEO - Perfume Maker

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You have a product but you don’t know how to grow the network to distribute it. Fern Summers has the solution for you. We’ll discuss how she created her fragrance business from her student room and got distributed in most of the major beauty supermarkets in the country.

From primary school teacher to top podcaster

With August Adams, 'Health It Up!' Podcast Host

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August Adams grew from humble roots to being one of the best loved podcasters in the health and wellness scene. In this interview she shares her tips on how to get started with podcasting and her journey to success.

Best podcasts to stay motivated

With Michael Hammond, Your Dream Life Podcast

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Where do you think successful entrepreneurs get their inspiration from? Other podcasts of course! Here are Michael Hamond’s top picks for podcasts I can’t get enough of. Give them a listen and subscribe today.

How to avoid entrepreneurial overload

With Melissa Johnson, Entrepreneur Coach

Running a business by yourself can be very challenging and overwhelming. Melissa Johnson shares with us her top tips to stay focus and happy.

Five Unusual Ways To Promote Your Podcast

With Harry Smiths, Founder of Limway7

Have you launched a brand new podcast but feel like you’re talking to a void? Try these five unique methods to advertise your podcast to reach your ideal audience.

How to create the perfect podcast

With Marina Crew, Blue Blanket CEO

Creating compelling audio content is not as easy as simply talking into a microphone. Follow these five tips to ensure your podcast is a runaway success.