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Each week I chat to the women who are at the top of their game in my podcast: Fierce Female Founders. Dive in for some seriously sizzling advice from inspiring girl bosses across the globe.
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Dive in for some seriously sizzling advice from inspiring girl bosses across the globe.

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You’ve been dreaming about being your own boss for ages but imposter syndrome keeps knocking you back. Do you have what it takes to create your own business? Won’t people think you’re a fraud?

Well, it’s time to banish those fears and step into the spotlight. You totally have what it takes to shape your own destiny. Yes, you. In all your imperfect glory. Because there is no such thing as a perfect entrepreneur. There’s just those who let their fears do the driving and those who take the wheel with their own two hands.

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Hi, I'm Athena

Hi. I’m Athena. I’m an entrepreneur, women’s business coach, wife and crazy dog mom to my Miniature Schnauzer, Frank. I get the struggles that come with running your own business: trying to find time, prioritising, deciding what to do and when to do it.

Who do you turn to when you are feeling overwhelmed? Afraid? Unsure? Your fellow female entrepreneurs of course! I love championing the successes of the incredible women I help on a daily basis, who turn their struggles into a thriving business.

After 10 years helping women write their success stories, I’ve condensed my knowledge into a series of online courses and eBooks that will teach you everything you need to know about launching an online business.

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The podcast

  • Building your business while still having a full time job

    With Josh Linderman, Josh Linderman

    Self hosted & Buzzsprout player demo post
    Want to create your own thing but you’re not ready to just jump in it? You’re right! It’s important to prepare your exit carefully before just quitting everything without a plan. In this episode Josh gives us his top tips to build your business without having to quit your job.

  • How to get your products in all the major retailers

    With Fern Summers, Firely CEO - Perfume Maker

    Libsyn player demo post
    You have a product but you don’t know how to grow the network to distribute it. Fern Summers has the solution for you. We’ll discuss how she created her fragrance business from her student room and got distributed in most of the major beauty supermarkets in the country.

  • From primary school teacher to top podcaster

    With August Adams, 'Health It Up!' Podcast Host

    Podbean player demo post
    August Adams grew from humble roots to being one of the best loved podcasters in the health and wellness scene. In this interview she shares her tips on how to get started with podcasting and her journey to success.

  • Best podcasts to stay motivated

    With Michael Hammond, Your Dream Life Podcast

    Spreaker player demo post
    Where do you think successful entrepreneurs get their inspiration from? Other podcasts of course! Here are Michael Hamond’s top picks for podcasts I can’t get enough of. Give them a listen and subscribe today.

  • How to avoid entrepreneurial overload

    With Melissa Johnson, Entrepreneur Coach

    Running a business by yourself can be very challenging and overwhelming. Melissa Johnson shares with us her top tips to stay focus and happy.

  • Five Unusual Ways To Promote Your Podcast

    With Harry Smiths, Founder of Limway7

    Have you launched a brand new podcast but feel like you’re talking to a void? Try these five unique methods to advertise your podcast to reach your ideal audience.

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What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • Wow what great experience, I love it! It's exactly what I've been looking for. Athena's podcast was the best investment I ever made. I don't know if I would have ever made it without her guidance and support!
    Mary Debens Independent Virtual Assistant
  • I like this group more and more each day. It makes my life a lot easier. It's really wonderful to be able to get support from like minded entrepreneurs. And Athena is always available to advise us. Thank you so much!
    Sarah Bernard Social Media Guru
  • At the beginning I just started with an idea, not knowing where to begin or even if I could do it. Athena's program answered all my questions and got me ready to quit my job and start my business within a month. I am so proud I finally took the risk to realise my dream.
    Sophia Bellanger Social Media Guru
  • I can't recommend Athena enough. I have learn so much about how to grow a business through social media and marketing. I am myself a coach and I know the importance of good support and guidance. If you are looking to grow your business this podcast is the answer to your questions!
    Adam Johnson Founder of Enjoy Your Life

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